This location on Sunset and Wilshire has been operating since 1946. The original one bay station was operated by Len Horton as a dealer. The current two bay station was built in 1958 and was first operated by Len Horton. It was a standard Sohio design except for one unique feature. The station is built on a hill side and uses four concrete pillars for its support. The station saw many cosmetic changes over the last fifty years as Sohio changed its look and logos. Len Horton was the dealer for the first 12 years retiring in 1970. Bob Cline, a  Sohio dealer on Labelle and Rt. 7, took over the operation and ran it  until 1986. This was a very productive era that saw the birth of self serve in 1976 and the beginning of unleaded fuel in 1975. The 70's also were a time of frustration as fuel shortages and higher prices were commonplace. The early eighties saw the price of gas eclipse one dollar for the first ever. Barry Robb, an assistant manager for Bob Cline, took over the station in 1986 as a company manager and ran the station the last four years of Sohio's existence as a major brand. British Petroleum rebranded all their Sohio stations to BP in the early 90's and Robb became a BP dealer at this same location in 1992 and worked with BP for nine years. In 2001 the Hartley Company out of Cambridge Ohio purchased this station along with 13 other local BP stations. Robb continued to run it as a dealer operation until he purchased the site from the Hartley's in December 2006. The station remained a BP station until the Hartley fuel supply agreement ended in 2011. It is currently restored to its Sohio colors of the late seventies and early eighties and is being used as a working museum to honor all those who worked for Sohio. The Museum is a work in progress with over 300 pieces of Sohio memorabilia and is open to the public free of charge.          

Here are links to articles that have appeared in the local newspapers, "The Steubenville Herald Star", and "The Wheeling Intelligencer" about the Station that may be of interest, check them out

Station History

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