Sohio was first established in Steubenville around 1926 as the office and plant opened at 756 North 7th street  along with three service stations located on 3rd and South, 4th and Washington, and 4th and Slack. The Tudor style station on Market and McDowell was built  in 1936 and was joined by ten other stations in late 40's and 50's. At one time Steubenville had ten Sohio stations serving their neighborhoods. The dealers and company managers were all well known in the area and ran their stations for many years. Len Horton, Dick Blake, Harry Poff, Ernie Davis, Wade and George Ringer, and Harold Madden all ran their sites in the early years ( 1940's - 1970's ). They were followed by Earl Cramblett, Sam Ferroni, Bill Ashbrook, Bob Cline, Al Perry , and Jack Wise who all had thirty plus years with the company. The last group of mangers  were Gary Martin, Dale Brownrigg, Bob Tuttle, Harold Simmons, Rick Brozka, and Barry Robb and most of them started in the 1970's. When Sohio rebranded to BP in 1989 only three stations remained open in Steubenville. Earl Cramblett was a dealer at University Blvd. ( formerly Stoney Hollow ); Gary Martin was a manager at Third and South Street, and Barry Robb was a manager at Sunset and Wilshire. The center hub station at Fourth and Washington was permanently closed in 1985 ending sixty years of service in Steubenville. Our site at Sunset and Wilshire has been a full service station since 1946 and now is restored to its Sohio colors of the 1970's to honor all these men and stations of our past. The following pictures are of these men and their​ stations who served Steubenville for over six decades.​

Sohio in Steubenville

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2701 Sunset Blvd.
Steubenville, Ohio 43952